OBH Center Opens at UNH

The OBH Center is an evolution of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Cooperative (OBHRC). OBHRC research began in 1999 under the direction of Dr. Keith Russell with a major study of four wilderness therapy programs and over the years grew to include seven active research scientists, over 200 research studies, and collaboration on several studies and publications. Under the leadership of its Director, Dr. Michael Gass and Associate Director, Dr. Anita R. Tucker, the OBH Center aims to continue to build upon these efforts through the promotion of research, accreditation and risk management in OBH and adventure therapy programs.

Please visit obhcenter.org for more information about the Center including resources on OBH-AEE accreditation,¬†access to the most up-date research being conducted by the OBH Center research scientists and affiliated researchers as well as upcoming conferences, recent risk management reports and contact information. “


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