Summit Achievement

Summit Achievement’s mission is to foster lasting change for students and families using residential treatment, classroom academics, and outdoor adventures in an evidence-based and clinically-driven community

OBH Council Member Since:  2000

Populations Served:  Ages 13-19 single gender and coed groups.

Program Offered:  Summit Achievement is a six to ten week adventure-based therapeutic wilderness program, offering an expedition model with a residential campus where students attend school 3 days per week. Summit Traverse is a flexible-length therapeutic boarding school designed to help prepare students who are transitioning from wilderness programs to more traditional environments offering school 5 days per week and off-campus activities.

Licensing and Accreditation:  State of Maine Department of Health & Human Services Residential facility, Alcohol and Drug Treatment Providers, Mental Health Providers, Association for Experiential Education Accreditation as an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Program.

Summit Achievement is a licensed residential treatment center in the beautiful White Mountains Region of Maine.   As an intentionally small, owner-operated program, we serve adolescent boys and girls, ages 13-20, experiencing difficulties with their family, school and/or personal lives.  Common issues may include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor impulse control, academic difficulties, family conflict, social challenges (NLD/ASD), defiance, grief/loss, adoption, identity issues, and substance abuse.  Summit Achievement offers two programs: Achievement and Traverse.

Summit Achievement consists of 6 levels completed over an average of 8 weeks. This innovative, outcome-focused program combines weekly therapy, accredited classroom academics, and wilderness expeditions. Summit is unique among wilderness-based therapeutic programs in that we provide a beautiful campus where students reside 3 days a week in a supportive community, attend school, and participate in individual, group and family therapy.  Expeditions are 4 days a week and may include backpacking, mountaineering, canoeing, climbing and snowshoeing.  Through this structured schedule, students experience the therapeutic benefits of adventure-based wilderness expeditions while learning to manage the demands of a more traditional environment.

Guided by positive reinforcement and the power of choice, we employ effective therapeutic and educational principals.  Individualized Treatment Plans are designed to meet each student and family’s unique needs and utilize a variety of treatment modalities.  Families are an integral part of our therapeutic process and are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s enrollment and graduation and visit midway through their child’s stay.  Family therapy is facilitated weekly via video or phone conference.  Through this unique model, students become accountable for their behaviors, experience achievement in multiple avenues, and return better prepared to manage the demands of school, family and their social lives.

Summit Traverse is our flexible-length therapeutic boarding school (2 months +). Traverse provides an innovative “step-down” from wilderness programs, combining family-centered therapeutic services, a traditional school schedule, and a rich residential life curriculum.  Participants engage in individual and family therapy weekly, as well as scheduled family visits.  Off-campus wellness, adventure and cultural activities encourage relapse prevention and healthy life choices.  Students also learn to constructively self-manage their leisure time including the use of electronics.





69 Deer Hill Rd
Stow, ME 04037


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