The Mountain Center

OBH Council Member Since:    2017
Populations Served:   Adolescents, young adults, adults, LGBTQ, POC, Substance use and Mental Health
Program Offered:   Single day, multi-day adventure based and experiential programming.
Licensing and Accreditation: AEE

The Mountain Center is a nationally recognized and accredited 501(C)3 educational and therapeutic organization that, since 1979, has been dedicated to promoting personal discovery, social change, through behavioral health and wellness, and innovative learning experiences in wilderness, community and cultural environments. Program designs are rooted in our Experiential Adventure Based Resiliency Model©, which focuses on building social competencies, positive values and positive identity development, thus enhancing the resiliency skills of our participants. Our methodologies represent an innovative alternative to traditional educational and therapeutic approaches.

The Mountain Center provides prescriptively designed programs to meet the needs of a variety of clients: Our Therapeutic Adventure Program serves adjudicated youth, youth at risk of entering the system, youth in treatment and displaced youth from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures as well as adults in recovery from substance abuse; Adventures in a Caring Community provides bullying and substance abuse prevention to elementary school students; Emergence Program provides community mobilization and training programs focused on Native American communities; Courage to Risk Program serves trauma survivors; Adventure Out provide HIV/AIDS prevention services serving high-risk populations; NM Gay Straight Alliance Network provides resiliency building and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning young people; Harm Reduction reduces risk of drug overdose and HIV/Hep C infection for Northern New Mexicans; Healthy Transitions serves youth and young adults, who are disconnected from social and other community supports and may not be working, in school, or in vocational or higher education program; and Counseling Services provides Adolescent Outpatient programming that meets multiple times per week for group therapy.



Phone: 505-983-6158 Email:


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 449 Tesuque NM 87505


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