Pure Life Aspiro


OBHC Member since: 2017

Population Served: Young Adults; Co-ed; 17.5-30
Program Offered: 2 – 3 month Adventure Therapy Program; Cultural Emersion in Costa Rica, Extension Home Stay Program;
Accreditations: AEE expected in 2018


Located in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, Pure Life by Aspiro provides a holistic, adventure-based approach to young adult therapy. Adventures provide students with the opportunity to overcome challenges and build self-esteem. The program is designed to help individuals, ages 18-30 (will consider motivated 17+ year olds), who are struggling with the transition to emerging adulthood due to anxiety, depression, or personal issues. Students who are appropriate for Pure Life’s program may have been diagnosed with any of the following:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Executive Function Deficits
• Trauma/PTSD
• Substance Abuse
• Gaming/Screening Addictions

The average stay at Pure Life is 90 days. Students participate in weekly adventure itineraries, with a group of up to 8 peers. These adventures might include hiking, rafting, surfing, or cultural homestays. The program integrates healthy living principles like exercise, mindfulness, yoga, healthy eating, and personal hygiene, with adventure and traditional talk therapy. At least once per week students will meet with their clinical therapist to discuss progress and challenges. Students will also participate in overtly therapeutic group activities.

* * *We are able to provide bilingual (Spanish to English) services to all clients from admission –> treatment.* * *



(801) 896 9490


Dominical, Costa Rica


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