Member Program

The OBH Council is actively seeking new member organizations and individuals engaged in outdoor behavioral healthcare to join us in being the leading voice of the outdoor behavioral healthcare industry, working together to share best practices, engage in research and promote treatment excellence.

Member Organizations Must Meet the Following Criteria:

  1. Be an organization operating a therapeutic program that integrates the use of the outdoors as a primary/core component of the program.
  2. Have licensed clinical oversight of individualized treatment plans.
  3. Be licensed by the state where this option exists for the organization.
  4. Endorse and commit in writing on an annual basis to uphold the OBH Council Mission, Philosophical and Ethical Standards and Statement of Best Practices.
  5. Participate in OBH Council’s outcome research data collection effort.
  6. Participate in OBH Council’s annual risk management data collection effort.
  7. Have representation actively participating in at least one OBH Council committee.
  8. Support the annual Wilderness Therapy Symposium.
  9. Pay annual dues approved by majority vote of the membership and commit to provide senior management attendance at three meetings per year.  Note: Our dues are determined annually by a majority vote of the membership and will fluctuate depending on the priorities for the coming year.

Special Circumstances for Organizations

  1. Programs which terminate membership in good financial standing and have not changed ownership may be considered for reinstatement of membership immediately upon re-application for membership.
  2. Programs which abandon membership while owing dues may reapply for membership after becoming current in past bad debt.
  3. Member programs that miss 2 consecutive meetings can be reinstated after all of the following criteria are met:
  • Submitting a letter stating both the reason for why they were not in attendance at the previous meeting and a desire to be able to maintain active membership status.
  • Attending the next meeting after the one missed
  • The other member organizations voting to reinstate the member with a 50% plus one plurality of the vote.


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