Friend of OBHC Application

The Friend OBH Council application is available to download below:

Friend of OBHC Process

1. Complete Friends of OBHC application and email completed electronic copy in Word or PDF format to Ryan Bromberek (OBHC Ambassador) at

2. The OBHC Membership Committee will review the application and follow up with any questions of clarification. Provided the application is complete and the organization appears to meet the friend of OBHC criteria set out above, the OBHC member programs will vote on acceptance of the applicant as a Friend of OBHC at our next meeting.

3. Friends of OBHC are reviewed annually by OBHC member programs at the Winter meeting before NATSAP.

Friend of OBHC Dues:

Dues are processed annually from January to December of the calendar year. Friends joining during the year will be prorated.


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