Member Application


The OBH Council application is available to download here:

Organization Membership Application Process:

  1. Download and complete the membership application. Include as appendices copies of the organization/program’s state licensing/certification and/or accreditation, an organizational chart, title page of liability insurance, program promotional material, copy of land use and other permits, and letters of recommendation from a program participant summarizing his/her experience, a parent and at least one from a professional referral source. Submit the completed application package in a completed electronic copy in Word or pdf format to Ryan Bromberek (OBHC Ambassador) at
  2. The Membership Committee will review the application and follow up with any questions of clarification. Provided the application is complete and the applicant organization appears to meet the five membership criteria set out above, the applicant will be invited to attend the soonest OBH Council meeting, during which the applicant will have an opportunity to speak to the merits of their application. The member organizations shall each cast one vote on a motion to accept the applicant as a member, requiring a plurality of 50% plus one, and the voting for membership takes place in the meeting following the meeting where your presentation is made.  OBH Council meetings happen 3 times a year: December, March, and August.
  3. Full member dues are payable upon acceptance to full membership.  Our dues are determined annually by a majority vote of the membership and will fluctuate depending on the priorities for the coming year.  Dues are determined by the number of treatment days your program has and start at $3,500 (reduced for smaller programs).


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