Jamie Blume

Jamie Blume, founder of Along Their Way, empowers parents of teens and young adults in treatment and transition to let go of the unchangeable past, be present with the ebbs and flows of today, and accept an unpredictable future. Through parent mentoring, holistic wellness coaching, and community-building group retreats, Jamie guides parents along their own parallel journey so that they may more effectively nurture their child and also increase their own self care, self-awareness, and self-compassion.

Jamie brings professional experience as a trained parent mentor and as a holistic wellness coach as well as personal experience as a mom of a struggling teen who participated in a wilderness program, attended a therapeutic boarding school and took part in after care. Jamie brings unique insight and compassion—for the parents—to the process.



303.506.5776; Email: jamie@alongtheirway.com


Location: 360 South Monroe Street Suite 109 Denver, CO 80209

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