Jamie Blume

Jamie Blume, founder of Along Their Way, coaches teens and young adults struggling with ADHD and other life issues as they navigate the challenges on the road toward adulthood. Jamie helps her clients understand their unique brain wiring, realize their abilities, strengths, and passions; create authentic and healthy relationships; understand the consequences of their actions and take accountability for these choices; break down overwhelming tasks into manageable goals; and learn how to live a life in line with their values. Jamie also support her client’s parents through all stages of their child’s treatment and transitions and help them navigate their own parallel process. Jamie brings curiosity, respect, empathy, and a commitment to speaking the truth. Jamie supports her clients and their parents in this moment along their way toward forward action.



303.506.5776; Email: jamie@alongtheirway.com


Location: 360 South Monroe Street Suite 109 Denver, CO 80209

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