Sonya Rodriguez

Sonya is currently finishing her PhD. Her dissertation topic is around family therapy while adolescents are in treatment. Her second main emphasis is working with Homeward Bound as a transition coach.

I love working with families who have adolescents coming out of wilderness. I’ve witnessed incredible family healing and new ways of being together. My role is to give parents hope, help them not parenting out of fear, and remind all family members of the incredible skills they learned while their loved one was in wilderness/treatment.

I have Emotionally Focused Family Therapy training (EFT) and Attachment Based family therapy (ABFT). I am becoming EMDR trained as well. I also do crisis work with the Red Cross and a few other local organizations in the Dallas Ft Worth metroplex.

Sonya Nance Rodriguez, LMFTA, MFT PhD student, Family Therapist

Sonya Rodriguez





3824 Cedar Springs Road 801-8248

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