Sky’s the Limit Fund

Founded in 2010, Sky’s the Limit Fund (STLF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to transform the lives of youth in crisis and their families by providing access to wilderness therapy programs, coaching services to guide families during the transition home, and outreach to educate the community on the benefits of wilderness therapy. Our vision is for youth to achieve their full potential as healthy and valued members of society. STLF believes that cost should not be a barrier to any family seeking effective and lasting treatment for their child’s mental health illness. STLF’s Wilderness Therapy Support Program includes access to wilderness therapy, the STLF Family Coaching Service and Parent/Guardian support. STLF provides financial assistance to offset the high cost of wilderness therapy. We partner with 10 wilderness therapy programs across the United States and we require our partners to match our funding with a reduction in tuition, further reducing the financial burden for the family. Our Family Coaching Service is offered free-of-charge to all STLF families. This 12-15 week service involves the entire family and Coaches lay out a weekly curriculum, which includes phone calls, homework and psycho-educational materials. We also offer this program to non-STLF families for a fee of $1,500. In addition, STLF provides guidance, mentors and resources to help families successfully navigate the treatment process.





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