Mark Parlett: Fresh Tracks Educational Consulting

Mark Parlett

Educational and Therapeutic Consultant

Parent and Life Coach

30 years ago I was a student in a wilderness program. That experience had a profound positive impact on my life. Now, as an Educational Consultant, Life and Parent Coach, my clients (adolescents and young adults) come from across the United States to capitalize on my 20 years of experience in therapeutic programming, design and assessment. I regularly travel around the country and internationally to assess schools and programs, visiting 50 – 100 yearly.

The depth of my experience gives me a unique ability to evaluate programs by assessing critical aspects, including the academic structure, clinical effectiveness, special needs resources, risk management, financial stability and most importantly, who they serve best.






I am based in Bozeman, Montana. Most of our clients come from across the United States. Feel free to email or call me directly

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