Climb With Intention: A DBT Primer for Adventure Therapy

  • August 28, 2014
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Shane Maxson, Joe Nagle & Brittany Carter

Climb with Intention will be a full day off-site workshop where participants will learn the DBT model through the eyes of a climber. Expect a lot of climbing, being guided to your limits, and connecting to a deeper level of your emotional being. This is about experience; a hands on approach to engaging your edge, confronting insecurities, and building a new scaffolding to promote growth and change. Whether you are new to rock climbing or a seasoned veteran we will tailor this workshop to meet you where you are at and then take you a step further.

Shane grew up exploring. His passion for helping adolescents and adults through adventure therapy grew from his own experience of wilderness intervention in his teens. Shane has worked for numerous wilderness programs and is the current Director of Adventure Programming with the Aspiro Group.

Joe has dedicated his life to helping young people since he began working with the B.S.A. when he was 16. He brings four years of climbing instructor experience to the table from B.S.A. including 250+ days as an instructor with Aspiro.

A graduate from Naropa University; Brittany packs the experience of a field instructor and the clinical knowledge of a therapist in one package. She is an avid climber taking a mindfulness based approach to reaching great heights.

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