International Experts on Troubled Teens Meeting in Tucson

Press Release
Jan. 19, 2011

Contact: Stephen C. Schultz
(801) 380-8829

Adolescence has always been tough but a leading researcher on troubled teens says mental health risk factors have “dramatically increased in the last 25 years.” What’s being done to help at risk teens and which kinds of treatment work?

Dr. Michael Gass, Director of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Cooperative located at the University of New Hampshire, is in Tucson this week as part of a conference sponsored by the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Industry Council. Many experts believe dramatic changes in the mental health system as well as increases in behavior disorders, substance abuse, and anxiety have combined to put many teens at risk, and often with traditional support systems being diminished. Even more troubling, researchers say there has been an unprecedented decline in available mental health services for troubled youth.

Dr. Gass and other experts are available for interviews to explain the latest research on treating troubled teens. Contact Stephen Schultz at (801) 380-8829 to arrange an interview.


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