The growing evidence of empirical research has established that wilderness treatment programs are effective and are successful in helping struggling adolescents.

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare is a relatively new field in the treatment of adolescents struggling with behavioral, substance abuse, and mental health issues and the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council has been instrumental in facilitating research to study the efficacy of this treatment modality.

OBH Council sponsored the creation of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center  which is responsible for facilitating research on the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare field.

What Is The Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center?

The purpose of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center is to carry out comprehensive research and to provide credible, objective information to the industry. The information developed by the research cooperative is subjected to rigorous evaluation by the OBH Center’s Technical Review Committee and the External Peer Review Committee in order to insure its accuracy and objectivity before publication in journals and other publications.

The OBH Center’s plan of work is guided by a “steering committee” of representatives from each OBH Council member program and faculty from UNH, and the work is funded by the OBH Council. The OBH Center’s Steering Committee meets regularly to hear progress reports and provide additional feedback and guidance as needed.

To obtain copies of numerous research studies conducted on our field visit the OBH Center’s Publications Website

For information on Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare research, contact:
Michael Gass, Research Director, OBH Center, University of New Hampshire –
Lindsay Myrick, Chair, OBH Council Research Committee –


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